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Moçambique & Guerra Civil - Lote de 2 livros sobre a RENAMO de David Hoile - MUITO RAROS

Moçambique & Guerra Civil - Importante e profunda recolha de informações sobre a guerrilha e os seus dirigentes

Lote de 2 livros sobre a RENAMO de David Hoile.
1. - 'MOZAMBIQUE A NATION IN CRISIS', by David Hoile (London 1989);
2. - 'MOZAMBIQUE RESISTANCE AND FREEDOM (A case for reassessment)', by David Hoile (London 1994)

De muito, muito difícil localização.


By David Hoile
London 1989

Livro com 144 páginas, ilustrado com mapa do país e em muito bom estado de conservação.

Da contra-capa / from back cover:
"Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal in 1975, and at once entered upon the troubled path of revolution and civil war. Widespread starvation has compounded the country's troubles, while Westerns journalists, Kowtowing to the Marxiste regime, have done their best to divert the world's attentions from the prebailing tyranny.

In this book - the first full analysis of the country's recent history - David Hoile questions the easy analysis of journalists and politicians, and explores the root causes of one of Africa's longest and most tragic conflicts. Mozambique, Mr. hoile arqgues, ia a young nation, whose political and economic progress has been arrested by an enforced adherence to socialist ideas, and whose people are increasinggly disaffected. The country has slid from crisis to crisis, its leadership maintained in power by an extensive apparatus of terror, and its future now almost entirely in the hands of the foreign powers which compete for access to its many natural resources.

With the emergence of the Mozanbique National Resistance (RENAMO), the death in a plane of the dictator Samora Machel, and the growing involvement of Western diplomats and military advisers, Mozambique in now at a turning point. Which way should it turn, and how should we be trying to influence the course of events? David Hoile makes some trenchant and well-aegued suggstions.

Indispensable reading for all with an interest in Southern Africa and its future."

- Foreword;
- Introduction;
- Is FRELIMO marxist?;
- FRELIMO in power;
- The Mozambican economy under FRELIMO;
- The Mozambique National Resistance: The origins of RENAMO;
- Structure and control of RENAMO;
- The internationalisation of the Mozambican conflict;
- Mozambique: Dialogue or disaster?;
- Appendices;

2. - 'MOZAMBIQUE RESISTANCE AND FREEDOM (A case for reassessment)'
By David Hoile
London 1994)

Livro com 222 páginas, ilustrado com mapa do país e em muito bom estado de conservação.

Da contra-capa / From back cover:
"The Mozambican civil war ended with the signing in Rome of the October 1992 General Peace Accord, an agreement securing internationally-supervised dwemocratic elections.

David Hoile is uncompromising in this critique of what has previously passed for accepted wisdom on the Mozambican issue and particularly the 'Resistência Nacional Moçambicana' (RENAMO). He is particularly critical of the international community's role in artificialy prolonging the seventeen year-old conflict.

The book traces the genesis of the 'Resistência Nacional Moçambicana' and its armed struggle against Mozambique's repressive FRELIMO government. He also reviews the human rights, negotiation and constitutional dimensions to modern Mozambique. In so doing, David Hoile comprehensivevely examines and challengs much of the propaganda surrounding the RENAMO party. He urges a reappraisal of attitudes towards RENAMO in the loght of clear evidence of its popular support and the fact that RENAMO may well soon from the next govemment of Mozambique.

Crucial reading for all students of Mozambique and RENAMO, as well as those with an interest in southern Afrioca and is future."

List of abbreviations;
Abouth the author;
Map of Mozambique;

Foreword by Robin Birley;

Chapter 1
- Peace in Mozambique;

Chapter 2
- The Mozambique National Resistance;

Chapter 3
- Propaganda, myth and reality;

Chapter 4
- RENAMO, human rights and popular support;

Chapter 5
- The Constitutional reform and the negotiation process in Mozambique;

Chapter 6
- Conflict resolution and the future;


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